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    Audio-visual production

    Alexandre Mottart,
    Film Director and Cinematographer.

    My team manages projects of nearly every scale and genre in multiple locations across Europe: promotional films, music videos, aftermovies, awareness campaigns,… Regardless of the scope or budget, I approach all projects with the same fervent passion.

    Creative Ambition
    In this new era of information, originality is the key. I believe that the unique aesthetics of each universe has to be central in my work. So my approach remains first and foremost the one of an artist who wants to touch the viewer's soul and take him on a journey.
    Starting from nothing, with no school, savings or training. I ventured out on my own, heading into the wilderness. First as a freelancer in Liege where I started, then in Brussels before finally creating my own production company (Fenrir Productions) in Paris in 2020.
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    +33 781 09 13 38
    Adress:Liège & Brussels, Belgium
    Paris, France

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